Top Five Music Festivals Of Maharashtra

Indigenous music is gaining popularity for its breathtaking venues, the music talent on display, and the sheer vibrancy of the air. Sure, downloading these songs and listening to them on your earphones is a great way to lose yourself but anyone who has been to a concert will tell you that it doesn't even come close to feeling your heartbeat sync with the bass. Not many people apart from the music connoisseurs know that Maharashtra is home to some of the biggest music festivals in the country.
So, if you are a music lover and travel is your way of unleashing yourself, then these five places should be on your bucket list.

NH7 Weekender

This is a travelling music festival, its most famous stop being Pune. It stretches to about three days each and has the most impressive line up of artists. It is a combination of bands and genres and has something for everyone. NH7, sponsored by Bacardi is all about the vibes. It has a superior production quality, tight security and super organised instructions. With Indian artists performing the audience's favourite traditional music, everyone is sure to enjoy here.

NH7 Music Festivals


Sunburn, Pune is where all the cool people are. Hippies from all across the country flock here to enjoy the food, music and entertainment. International DJs rock the stage every year with EDM being the primary mood. You can wander about in the flea market area whenever you need a break from all the dancing and moving. However, once the main acts come up on stage, we promise you'll forget everything else. It is a high-on-energy festival, and you will have to catch up.

Enchanted Valley Carnival (EVC)

Amby Valley is famous for the 3-day music carnival every year. It is one-of-a-kind experience close to the hill station of Lonavala. House, Techno, Trance and all the other crazy genres rule the festival. You can enjoy this festival along with its camping and adventure activities, and accommodation facilities as well. It usually takes place in winter, which is the best time to enjoy the chilly evenings and foggy mornings of that area. We bet the energy of the place will make you dance around a bonfire even on a tiring day.
Music Festivals

VH1 supersonic

It is a multi-genre, multi-format platform like no other. It is definitely a festival you cannot miss out on. Like NH7 and Sunburn, VH1 also takes place in multiple cities through India. It is continuously growing in quality and number. Some of the biggest international artists are invited. If you love dancing, then this is your place to be. With cute games, this is perfect to spend the weekend with your friends and loved ones. The name "supersonic" does complete justice to the festival. The stage decor is trippy with lights and extra sounds to enhance your experience.


This two-day wine drenched festival takes place in the first week of every New Year in Nasik. Sula is probably the country's most famous vineyard and has vast acres of land that grow grapes and take care of the entire processing of wine. They also have accommodation within their campus, and all of this can be witnessed as a bonus at the music festival. It is a leisure festival with lots of fun activities like hot air ballooning, and unlimited learning. Reggae music is the speciality. You can go here with family as well, and we promise you won't get bored!
Sula Music Festivals
So does that sort your December to February period out? We thought so. So, put on a cute outfit, save up for lots of alcohol and book your spot on the fresh grass. It’s going to be a crazy, groovy time! To plan your Fab Weekends on these dates, contact us at -

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