3 Things You Must Remember While Planning a Trip to Kashmir

Kashmir is undoubtedly the Heaven on Earth. The snow-capped peaks, lush green foothills, mind-blowing valleys, the freshest fruits and the prettiest people with rosy cheeks and mesmerizing eyes add to the beauty of the place.

As a part of our travel research, we visited the popular and offbeat places of Kashmir early this month, and here are the three things that we wanted you to know when you plan a trip to Kashmir.

Gulmarg Kashmir


A local in Kashmir told us that travel agencies cover insurance for most places in India except Kashmir. That’s right, that means no guarantee of getting your money back in case something goes wrong in the state. However, we would recommend you to check with your travel advisor or agent before deciding on purchasing the insurance.

Dal Lake

Dal lake is serene, calm and surreal. The first impression of this lake could put you off at it is complete polluted and commercialized. There is also too much crowd with too many houseboats housed close to each other. The water may not seem so clean, with a lot of algae and fungus floating on it. But don’t let these sights cancel your plan of taking a shikhara and venturing into the lake.
Dal Lake Kashmir
The lake becomes cleaner and picturesque as you keep going away from the floating accommodation options. The colorful shikaras are an absolute delight, and both the sunrise and the sunset look spectacular on this lake. It’s worth writing poetry for. The floating markets are a unique feature worth exploring though, again, as long as you wish. But we'd like to urge everyone who goes there to keep its purity alive as much as possible. We urge you to be responsible and respect the sanctity of the lake when you explore.

Trust the locals

Kashmir is one place where you must not venture without a local guide. While your travel advisor or agent might plan the itinerary for you, if you are in a mood to explore the unexplored territories, then it’s better to take advice from the locals before venturing anywhere. The locals are friendly and helpful. So, follow their instructions when they tell you the dos and don’ts. They know the place better than you do.

Check our interview with Nazir Malik to get a glimpse of Kashmir and the locals - Nazir Malik

Chinar Kashmir

TDE’s take on Kashmir Tourism

There is a constant fear of terror acts looming in the minds of travellers and locals alike. But we live in an era where terror attacks can happen anywhere. Even in a first world country. So, don’t let that fear dictate your plan. The locals and tourism board are doing their best to protect the travelers. And with the right guidance from your travel advisors and agents, you can make the best out of the trip. Be responsible and follow the instructions. You will be safe!

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