Frequently Asked Questions

We have attempted to answer some of the FAQs that we receive about our advisory services and a lot more, in this section. If you have any other questions that are not addressed here, get in touch with us. We will be happy to address them.

We bring first-hand experiences of places and resorts by visiting them and scouting for the best things to do when you go. Most importantly, we believe that every person is unique and have their own preferences when they plan their holiday. So we spend time in understanding your preferences through the TDE profiling form that you fill and provide you customised and well-researched information about the holiday destinations you must visit.
Another important aspect is we do not have a commission-based model. We do not take commissions from hotels and restaurants for recommendations. We follow a very transparent approach in booking. Our recommendations are purely on the basis of your preferences. That is why, we charge for our advisory services. It helps us to equip ourselves to give you the best holiday experience.

We give you well-researched and customised holiday plans. Travelling is our passion, so we plan your holidays just as we plan ours. We also assure you of unbiased recommendations, as we do not work on the commission-based model. So, whatever we recommend to you are based on your preferences and not on the basis of tie-ups.

The TDE profiling form is a one-time activity that enables us to understand your preferences. It helps us to research holidays and craft a holiday plan for you and your loved ones according to your preferences. You also save time and efforts on explaining your preferences the next time you plan a trip with us because we know your preferences, so all you need to do is let us know your next holiday plan, and we present you with a customised holiday.

Advisory services can be availed when you need assistance in researching and selecting a holiday destination according to your preference, whereas, booking services can be availed when you have already planned a holiday and require assistance in booking hotel rooms, flight tickets and transfers from one destination to another.

We do not offer refunds on advisory services as we spend our time and money in researching on holiday destinations and on customising your holiday plans. This is a one-time charge, so even if you plan to go on a trip in future, our research will be of use at that time.