Don’t take a break, take an experience…
When you plan a holiday, you read articles on internet about popular destinations, check out packages on travel portals, and talk to your friends, family members and travel agents about it. You even subscribe to e-mailers of popular travel forums and watch travel shows to get updates on new travel destinations. But just when you are about to execute your plan, you hit a roadblock. Multiple questions pop up in your mind. Will the place be ideal for all my family members? Will the food taste good? The hotel room pictures in the travel portal look good but will they really be good? Will the entire trip fit my budget? Do I have enough money to go on that dream tour?

If you have been nodding your head all this while, then you are at the right place. Because, we have faced it too. And this is exactly why we started Travel Dosti Etc – TDE. We at TDE are Travel Advisors. We provide you well-researched and customized holiday options so that you can enjoy your holidays without worrying about the logistics and the other issues.
So that you don’t take a break, but take an experience on your well-deserved holiday…

Three simple steps to your Ideal Holiday


People are different, and so are their ideas of an ideal holiday.
We at TDE understand this really well. That is why we follow the three-step process to design your ideal holiday.

1. Fill the TDE Profiler Form with your preferences and basic details and select between Advisory or Booking services.
2. We understand your preferences and research about destinations that match your preferences*.
3. Once you select the destination, we take care of all your travel needs – right from planning your itinerary to booking your
flights, hotel accommodation, transfers and even giving you inputs about the places to visit, eat and shop and about specific
rules that you must follow on your visit.

And no, we will not leave you fending for yourself when you travel. We are your travel buddies so you can count on us anytime you want suggestions or advice while travelling.

*This is applicable only for those who opt for Advisory services.